Supplier Relationships

Do you review your suppliers on a regular basis? Have you negotiated the best available terms for you? Do you have a mutually beneficial relationship that helps you both grow the market?

A review of your supplier base and trading terms will ensure you’re developing your supplier relationships effectively.

Depending on your needs we can help by:

  • Targeting new brands, promoting your brand to them, setting up meetings, securing supply
  • Negotiating trading terms, trade discounts and support with new and existing suppliers
  • Developing relationships with suppliers to help ensure you are categorised as a valued account and to maximise support from Tech Reps and Account Managers
  • Coordination of suppliers, ensuring timely delivery of product data, stock, training, merchandising support, POS and deliveries
  • Collation, manipulation and loading of product data including but not limited to barcodes, supplier part numbers, weight, product images, personalised product descriptions
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