K Hulse Consulting offers expertise to independent retailers to help grow their business. Whether it’s ad-hoc support, project delivery or some coaching that’s needed, we can help with developing the customer offer; trading strategy; channel development; supplier negotiations; product management, and web content.

Take a look at some of the services detailed below.

Customer Offer

Do you know exactly what your customer proposition is? Is it still aligned to your business plan? Do you know all the touch points a customer has with your brand? How does your offer compare to your competitors?

We can review your customer proposition and your customer experience from the point that they start thinking about the products you’re providing through to post – purchase.

Trading Strategy

Do you have a sales strategy for your stock before you place your orders? Do you know which retail tactics you’ll employ and when so that you optimise sales? Can you read the stories told in your sales and margin reports and are you responding to them?

For existing businesses you’ll receive a detailed review of your sales and margin by product type, brand, size and other key variables. This will drive a recommended trading strategy.

Range Planning

Selecting product ranges is a complex process with several decision points. We can help with your sales analysis, understanding current trends in the market, structure a product range and help you manage your stock and sales budget.

Product Strategy and Planning can be tailored to your needs and the level of support you require. Our menu of services for range planning are listed below.

Supplier Relationships

Do you review your suppliers on a regular basis? Have you negotiated the best available terms for you? Do you have a mutually beneficial relationship that helps you both grow the market?

A review of your supplier base and trading terms will ensure you’re developing your supplier relationships effectively.

Online Customer Experience

Your customers start thinking about what you offer much earlier than when they are visiting your website, sales channels and social media. Are you reaching your customers when they are browsing online? 

Considering the customer journey from how you appear when customers are researching options to how you convert sales is vital.

Product Data

Navigating around your website needs to be clear and simple. Faceted navigation should help customers narrow their search and find exactly what they are looking for.

Managing the data from suppliers, adding your tone of voice and manipulating it for your faceted navigation and for search engine optimisation takes time.

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